The Heineken Roeivierkamp complies with the Dutch standard in Divisions which in turn is based on the international classification. Below you can find a table with all divisions in which you can compete at the Heineken Roeivierkamp. Clicking on the division will bring you to the description of the division.

Special note to foreign competitors: part of the Dutch standard (the classifications Beginner, Advanced, Elite) is based on the number of wins in Dutch 2K regattas; this obviously does not apply to foreign crews. You are however strongly encouraged to choose a division which is suitable for you. The H4K organisation holds the right to place you in a suitable division on its own judgement. For foreign competitors who would like to participate in the first, second or third division, we require rowers’ resumes. Your registration may be cancelled if your crew doesn’t meet the requirements.


A Group consists of one or more divisions that start within one overall ranking. Since 2006 this applies only to all Men’s and Women’s Masters’ divisions. Thus, there are three groups: for Masters’ Men’s Eights, Women’s Eights and Women’s Quadruple Sculls. On Saturday these crews start in the order of the draw within their respective division. But on Sunday they start in the (reversed) order of the ranking within their group.


Jong young 16: max. 16

Jong young 18: max. 18

VA 8+: min. 27

VB 8+: min. 27, gem. min. 36

VC 8+: min. 27, gem. min. 43

VD 8+: min. 27, gem. min. 50

VE 8+: min. 27, gem. min. 55

VF 8+: min. 27, gem. min. 60

VG 8+: min. 27, gem. min. 65

VH 8+: min. 27, gem. min. 70

VI 8+: min. 27, gem. min. 75

VJ 8+: min. 27, gem. min. 80

Weight Restrictions


Men: Crew average (rowers) in rowing gear maximum of 70 kg, individual weight maximum of 72,5 kg.
Women: Crew average (rowers) in rowing gear maximum of 57 kg, individual weight maximum of 59 kg.


Minimum weight for the cox in rowing gear of a crew is 55 kg.

DivisionCodeNL naamName
1HE 8+Heren elite achtMen’s elite eight
2LHE 8+Lichte heren elite achtLightweight men’s elite eight
3HG 8+Heren gevorderde achtMen’s advanced eight
4LHG 8+Lichte heren gevorderde achtLightweight men’s advanced eight
5HEj 8+Heren eerstejaars acht (Eerstejaars Klassement)Men’s freshman eight (Freshman Ranking)
6LHEj 8+Lichte heren eerstejaars acht (Eerstejaars Klassement)Lightweight men’s freshman eight (Freshman Ranking)
7J18 8+Jongens achttien achtBoys’ under eightteen eight
8J18 4*Jongens achttien dubbelvier-metBoys under eightteen quadruple sculls
9DE 8+Dames elite achtWomen’s elite eight
10DG 8+Dames gevorderde achtWomen’s advanced eight
11DEj 8+Dames eerstejaars acht (Eerstejaars Klassement)Women’s freshman eight (Freshman Ranking)
12M18 8+Meisjes achttien achtGirls under eightteen eight
13DE 4*Dames elite dubbelvier-metWomen’s elite quadruple sculls
14LDE 4*Lichte dames elite dubbelvier-metLightweight women’s elite quadruple sculls
15LDG 4*Lichte dames gevorderde dubbelvier-metLightweight women’s advanced quadruple sculls
16LDEj 4*Lichte dames eerstejaars dubbelvier-met (Eerstejaars Klassement)Lightweight women’s freshman quadruple sculls (Freshman Ranking)
17M18 4*Meisjes achttien dubbelvier-metGirls under eightteen quadruple sculls
18M16 4*Meisjes zestien dubbelvier-metGirls under sixteen quadruple sculls
19HMA 8+Heren masters a achtMen’s Masters A eight
20HMB 8+Heren masters b achtMen’s Masters B eight
21HMC 8+Heren masters c achtMen’s Masters C eight
22HMD 8+Heren masters d achtMen’s Masters D eight
23HME 8+Heren masters e achtMen’s Masters E eight
24HMF 8+Heren masters f achtMen’s Masters F eight
25HMG 8+Heren masters g achtMen’s Masters G eight
26HMH 8+Heren masters h achtMen’s Masters H eight
27HMI 8+Heren masters i achtMen’s Masters I eight
28HMJ 8+Heren masters j achtMen’s Masters J eight
29HCl 8+Heren club achtMen’s Club eight
30OBedr 8+Open bedrijfs achtOpen Business eight
31J16 4*Jongens zestien dubbelvier-metBoys under sixteen quadruple sculls
32DMA 4*Dames masters a dubbelvier-metWomen’s Masters A coxless quadruple sculls
33DMB 4*Dames masters b dubbelvier-metWomen’s Masters B coxless quadruple sculls
34DMC 4*Dames masters c dubbelvier-metWomen’s Masters C coxless quadruple sculls
35DMD 4*Dames masters d dubbelvier-metWomen’s Masters D coxless quadruple sculls
36DME 4*Dames masters e dubbelvier-metWomen’s Masters E coxless quadruple sculls
37DMF 4*Dames masters f dubbelvier-metWomen’s Masters F coxless quadruple sculls
38DMG 4*Dames masters g dubbelvier-metWomen’s Masters G coxless quadruple sculls
39DMA 8+Dames masters a achtWomen’s Masters A eight
40DMB 8+Dames masters b achtWomen’s Masters B eight
41DMC 8+Dames masters c achtWomen’s Masters C eight
42DMD 8+Dames masters d achtWomen’s Masters D eight
43DME 8+Dames masters e achtWomen’s Masters E eight
44DMF 8+Dames masters f achtWomen’s Masters F eight
45DMG 8+Dames masters g achtWomen’s Masters G eight
46DMH 8+Dames masters h achtWomen’s Masters H eight
47DMI 8+Dames masters i achtWomen’s Masters I eight
48DMJ 8+Dames masters j achtWomen’s Masters J eight
49DCl 8+Dames club achtWomen’s Club eight
50LHE 4*Lichte heren elite dubbelvier-metLightweight men’s elite quadruple sculls
51HEj 4+Heren eerstejaars vier-metMen’s freshman four
52LHEj 4+Lichte heren eerstejaars vier-metLightweight men’s freshman four
53DEj 4+Dames eerstejaars vier-metWomen’s freshman four
54HG-B 8+Heren gevorderde-b achtMen’s advanced B eight
55DG-B 8+Dames gevorderde-b achtWomen’s advanced B eight