Each year we make changes to our regatta to provide the best experience for rowers, spectators and to comply with new regulations. The changes for each year are mentioned below.


  • Due to the limited space on the River Amstel, the number of entries for the Heineken Roeivierkamp will be limited to a number that is specified by the race organization from 2020 onward. For every division, a maximum number of crews will be allowed to participate. For more information, check the qualification rules or our FAQ about these rules.
  • Due to the addition of the Men’s Masters H and Men’s Masters I divisions, the numbers for some divisions have changed slightly. To be sure about which number corresponds to your division, check our divisions page.


  • Third divisions will be discontinued; Novice Men’s Eight (H3eDiv8+), Lightweight Novice Men’s Eight (LH3eDiv8+), 3rd Division Women’s Eight (D3eDiv 8+), 3rd Division Lightweight Women’s Quadruple (LD3eDiv 4*)
  • 2nd Division Lightweight Men’s Eight (LSB) re-introduced (LH2eDiv8+)
  • Divisions are renumbered, this list may be incomplete. Please consult our divisions page.


  • On Sunday, the 750m and 5000m distances have been switched. This means on Sunday first the 5000m will be rowed. In the afternoon the 750m will be rowed seperately. As a result from this year on we will hold two separate prize ceremonies. For time slots and more information, please see the regatta timetable.
  • This year, we will again organize a coxswain’s meeting on Friday evening March 11th, around 18:30. This will take place just West of Nereus, across the river in a school building. This location is easily accessible by passing the Berlagebridge.
  • The race number collection point has been relocated this year. You should collect your bownumbers and hardboard number across the bridge opposite of Nereus. This is next to the coxswain’s meeting location and above of Roeicentrum Berlagebrug.
  • This edition, crews will receive a set of paper bownumbers. These bownumbers are disposable and do not have to be returned. Make sure however to collect new bownumbers for separate distances. Also, you should still collect and return your hardboard number, for which a cash deposit is required.
  • For more information, please read our rules and regulations.